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Wirebeats is made for Creators

All the songs published by Wirebeats are free to use in your creative projects. Play it as background music during your livestream, or use it in your YouTube video. We will not remove or copyright-claim your projects.

Music to your life

Play specifically composed music for your life. Your habits become scenes from a movie. Set the mood with our mood songs and playlists, perfect for dinners, gaming, doing chores, or just relaxing.

Alexa! Hey Google! 
Hey Siri! Hey Cortana! 

Music by Wirebeats is available on all major platforms and streaming services, so just tell your closest smart device what you want to listen to. Maybe some relaxing Lo-Fi hip hop by Wirebeats?

How does this work?

To put it simply, we pay musicians, composers and producers to create music that we then release for free. We get paid from the advertisements on services like Spotify and Apple Music when you play our songs there. Our goal is to build the biggest most diverse music library without copyright limitations for every creator out there.

Who can use it?

Any online creator can use all of our music in their creative projects like YouTube videos, during Twitch livestreams or any other works. We will never copyright-claim projects made by any online creator. Businesses are also allowed to play our music in their stores and offices without having to ask for permission or needing a license.

Who is NOT allowed to use music by Wirebeats?

Wirebeats supports small individuals. Studios intending to use music owned by Wirebeats in any works (films, TV shows, etc.) are not allowed to do so. Please contact us for further information.

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